Trailer Sailing a Victory 21

Trailer Sailing

One Victory sailor writes: I have become something of an expert at trailer launching the Victory. Mine requires 5 feet of water to float it off the trailer. I've used an eight foot tongue extension (not long enough), and a very simple tongue wheel system that I designed using two wheelbarrow tires. I've re-positioned the trailer winch and bow stop so that I can motor onto it and secure the boat at the bow without getting wet. I've designed a keel guide and a keel stop and bow stop so the boat will be aligned as I motor onto the trailer and will stop squarely without over shooting the bow stop. I am still considering an electric winch connected to the towing vehicle so that I do not have to maneuver the vehicle repeatedly on the ramp, setting wheel chocks, and tow straps etc. I have a small outboard motor that has an internal gas tank, but the motor seems to work best with the external tank. I am designing a shelf that will reside under the deck at the stern compartment and will hold a three gallon fuel tank.

Dan Rickert [email protected] writes:  Here is a picture I took of the tongue extension I use to launch my boat. #68.  Its rather a bit longer than eight feet!